At Harnu we greatly value the environment. We strive to produce our products and in a responsible and durable manner, and reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

In addition, Harnu is also produced in ISO certified company.


Recycle Glass

Glass is a fully recyclable material. We can recycle glass over and over endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Recycling glass has enormous environmental benefits including reducing carbon emissions, raw material consumption, energy use, and waste.

  • Every 6 tons of recycled container glass used reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1 ton.
  • Every ton of recycled container glass used conserves over a ton of raw materials.
  • Energy costs are reduced by 2-3 % for every 10% of recycled glass used in the glass manufacturing process, because recycled glass melts at a much lower temperature than the other raw materials used.
  • Similarly to reusing glass containers, recycling them also reduces waste. The glass recycling system is closed-loop. This means no additional waste or by-products are created in the process.
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Sustainable Glass

The entire glass industry is making substantial contributions towards the future of sustainability and the long-term health of the environment. Experts regularly reassess the glass manufacturing process to find ways to improve efficiency. Engineers are always experimenting with new sustainable applications of glass across all industries. Already, glass containers have become 40% lighter than they were 30 years ago, a design effort that has greatly reduced the carbon footprint of transporting glass.

While glass is a highly sustainable material and the industry is constantly improving, the rest is up to us. No matter how environmentally friendly glass is, the final step in the life-cycle of glass containers should always be reuse or recycle. Together, we can contribute to a healthy and safe environment for the future.

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